Large Frame Articulated Tractors and Options

Farm Equipment Technology has come along was in the last 100 years. Horse power has gone form 20 HP to 620 HP and rightfully so! The size of implements demand has  greater HP requirements as well as, hydraulic capacity. The role of the tractor has changed as well. Bigger HP tractors are now expected to be a tillage, planting and grain cart tractor. As the size of implements continue to grow. Large HP tractors will have to fill multiple voids on the farm.

3pt and PTO on High HP Articulated 4WD and Track Tractor isn’t anything new. These option have been available for many years. These option have not been very utilized on these machines until recently. It has been since the introduction of the 9R, 9RT, and 9RX have these options been actively added to machine.

The size of Grain Carts is requiring bigger machines to handle the load requirements. These machine also require a PTO to unload. Adding a PTO to these machines increase the salability of the Used Machine. This option will open the National Market and have a greater likelihood to the sell machine faster if positioned correctly in the marketplace.

Another option growing in importance are High-Flow Hydraulics. In order to operate them, The size of implements are demanding more hydraulics every year. The size of Air Seeders, the size and speed of Planters, and the down pressure required on Planters and Tillage require a large amount of fluid and fluid demand. Implements will continue to require more hydraulics as speeds increase and down pressure requirements increase.

3pt equipment is also growing in size and with size comes weight. Mounted planters are growing every year and Hydraulic Lift Capacity is limited to the weight and size of the tractor doing the work. The tractor will need to have the HP to pull the implement through the field and in order to make this the machine work properly; it will need to be weighted and ballasted correctly. This may mean the Large Frame Row Crop is too small for the implement in question. Hard to believe an 8400R might be too small for some implements in certain situations!!

All being said, The face of Agriculture is changing. To those of you reading this who remember when 300 – 400 HP was a lot of tractor, this is not news to you. In their own right, Ag has had many faces and they all are amazing. The future of Ag Equipment is bright and will continue to morph and change with needs of the Producers do. As I am writing this, down payments are being taken for fully autonomous vehicles as well as, plug-and-play systems making machines autonomous. This means no one is inside the tractor operating the functions of the machine. It’s doing it all by itself while monitored by a distant laptop screen somewhere. Only the future knows what this will do to the size and number of machines working in a single field.

For more conversation like this, tune into Moving Iron Podcast on Itunes, Google Play, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher Radio, and Sound Cloud. Companies like Smart Ag, Climate Corp., and Dot Technologies all have contributed to this topic. If you have any questions or comments please send them to me at MovingIronPodcast@MovingIronPodcast .com or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @MovingIronLLC. So until next time let’s go move some iron. This is Casey Seymour out!


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